Physical Pojects

Ardler's environment includes many interesting features such as ponds, woodlands, pocket parks and open spaces. There are many opportunities for residents to play an active role in the physical appearance of the area.

The two ponds are designed to hold water and their reeds help to trap silt and filter out pollution making the water cleaner. These ponds are also an important feature in Ardler's community. The west pond already attracts many residents to feed the ducks and swans.

The swales and ponds in Ardler are part of an exciting water management system known as Sustainable Urban Drainage System (or SUDS). They are designed not only to manage surface water but also provide a habitat for wildlife and features within the community.

The East Pond forms the main entrance way to Ardler and is a wetland area rather than an open water feature. This habitat is ideal for a variety of flowering plants and marginals which attract a wide diversity of insects and butterflies. As this area matures it will have greater peak flows and a more variable depth leading to a wider range of habitats.

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The Trust has been involved in many projects to enhance the physical environment of the Ardler Area, and there are many ways in which the community can get involved. If you would like to find out more about the projects we have been involved with please follow the links.