About The Ardler Village Trust

The Ardler Village Tust (AVT) is an independent charity and a limited company set up by a partnership that includes local residents, local churches, the Ardler Complex, Dundee City Council and Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association. By developing projects that tackle community, environmental and economic issues the AVT aims to respond to the particular needs of Ardler.

It has 2 sub groups that reflect the AVT’s areas of work. Membership of sub groups is open to all partners and Trust members to ensure that work is coordinated and effective. Local pople can find out more by contacting the AVT or looking at the meetings calendar. The minutes from the previous meetings can be viewed by following the link above.

The Trust is also recognised as a representative structure through which Ardler residents can make decisions on services and planning issues with the support of Dundee City Council.

The Ardler Village Trust has several aims. These aims include, involving residents in the decisions that effect Ardler, improving local services and amenities, ensuring that all partners work is coordinated, fostering economic activity and employments opportunities, promoting social inclusion and community developments and providing a forum for consultation on local services and issues.

As a member of the Ardler Village Trust you can help decide the Trust’s priorities and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Members are also entitled to stand as community directors at the AGM. Training and assistance is available for members to who want to become involved for the Ardler Village Trust.

Everyone living in Ardler and over the age of 16 is elegible to become a member of the Ardler Village Trust for free. The work of the AVT is guided by it’s members and the local community. If you would like to become a member please follow this link.

If you would like to become a member of the Ardler Village Trust or would like to find out more about what we do, please contact the Trust Manager, Gillian Lochhead on 01382 831712 or pop in to our office at 95 Turnberry Avenue, Ardler, Dundee, DD2 3WN, or you can complete the online form by clicking on the link.

Charity Shop

In September 2008 AVT opened a charity shop. The aim of the charity shop to provide low cost, quality items of clothing and household goods at affordable prices.

Since opening the charity shop has gone from strength to strength and has raised over £100,000 which has been used to fund various local projects.

To find out more about the shop and how it began, or to find out how to get involved or make donations, please click on the link above.

Regeneration Process in Ardler

Ardler is an an exciting area of Dundee which has undergone huge changes as the 1960s tower blocks and four-storey flats have been replaced with quality houses based around a central social area. The ‘Village’ offers green space, a large community complex with library, shops including the Ardler Village Trust charity shop, football pitches, bowling club, water features, multi sports area and a youth shelter. View Google maps to see the location of all the facilities available.

The re-building of Ardler started in 1998 when a partnership of Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association (SSHA), Wimpey Homes and HTA architects was selected by residents and Dundee City Council. Work started in January 2000 and has now almost reached the target of creating 734 homes for rent, 69 refurbished homes and between 150 to 230 homes for private sale. The construction of the new social housing has been carried out by Forman Construction under contract from SSHA. The final stage of the regeneration began in March on the site of the BBC Multi. It is hoped that this stage will take 18 months to complete a total of 60 houses. 40 houses will be for rent, with 20 rented to DCC nominations and 20 to those from Sanctuary’s waiting list. 20 properties will be for sale, on a shared equity plan. Successful applicants will own a minimum of 60% with the Scottish Government retaining the remaining 40%. They will have the opportunity after 2 years to own 100% of the property. The site will include 11-2 bedroom houses, 24-3 bedroom/4 person houses and 25-3 bedroom/5 person houses.

There is substantial open space in and around the village with new and innovative landscapes that include sustainable urban drainage systems, meadow and woodland areas. A priority for the regeneration of the Ardler Housing Estate included long-term strategies for social inclusion and community development. the Ardler Village Trust has been set up by local people and partners in the regeneration to help achieve this.